Special Demonstration DVD:
Wushu – Kung Fu Masters from China

A member of the original Beijing Wushu Team alongside action movie-star Jet Li, Master Tang is a former All-China Champion now living and teaching in Australia.

Master Tang began wushu at the age of 7 and trained as a professional athelete for 20 years. Competing in many styles he won over 30 medals in China National competitions, including 10 gold. Master Tang is recognised as one of the best ever exponents of the spear.

Wushu is a dynamic and spectacular sport incorporating all the traditional systems of Chinese martial arts. Rich in content, Wushu offers something for everyone, be it the speed and explosive jumps of Changquan (Long Fist), the power and strength of Nanquan (Southern Fist), or the grace, poise and tranquility of Tai Chi.