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Dr. Siew Ling Huang
Dr. Siew Ling Huang

Dr. Siew Ling HuangAfter migrating to Australia as a teenager, Siew Ling Huang returned to China in 1982 to pursue her childhood dream of a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The first Australian citizen to be allowed to study a bachelor’s degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, she graduated in 1988 after six years full-time study at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the most renowned institution for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Doctor Huang has accreditation from the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria, so your medical treatments at Taichi for Life may be claimable from your health insurance or work-cover schemes.


Acupuncture is a key therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, involving the insertion of needles at key meridian points throughout your body (places where your body’s vital energy (Qi or Chi) flows).

The needles stimulate these meridian points and increase the flow of Qi or Chi, in turn improving the harmony between your body and mind.

This drug-free method of treatment is highly effective for many illnesses, including headaches, arthritis and fertility problems. Acupuncture is also frequently used at Taichi for Life as a therapy to reduce stress and tension that builds up in today’s hectic urban lifestyle.

At Taichi for Life, you will be treated by one of Australia’s top acupuncturists, Doctor Siew Ling Huang. Doctor Huang’s treatment techniques, using only disposable needles, include the psychological as well as the physical aspects of acupuncture.

Therapeutic Massage (Tui Na) & Moxibustion

Therapeutic Massage (Tui Na) is offered to you at Taichi for Life either as an independent treatment or as a complementary therapy together with Acupuncture. Like Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage (Tui Na) involves the stimulation of your body’s meridian points, but does not involve skin penetration.

Doctor Huang frequently uses Therapeutic Massage (Tui Na) in the treatment of muscular, skeletal and circulation problems, as well as in the treatment of tension and stress.

Moxibustion is another related treatment available to you at Taichi for Life, involving the stimulation of your body’s meridian points through the use of heat-giving Moxa Sticks.

Traditional Herbal Medicine

In China, Traditional Herbal Medicine has made use of complex herbal remedies for over 5,000 years. These herbal remedies formed a core part of the Imperial Academy of Medicine’s curriculum as long ago as the Tang Dynasty.

Today you can benefit from the modern form of these remedies at Taichi for Life, where Traditional Herbal Medicine, sometimes together with Acupuncture and other related treatments, are used to stimulate your body’s immune system, prevent disease, and cure illness.

The range of Traditional Herbal Medicines administered by Specialist Huang includes products derived from herbs, humanely-produced animal by-products, and mineral extracts.

Each treatment is specifically designed for your particular need, after a professional consultation at the Taichi for Life clinic.


Cupping is based on an ancient Chinese belief that seeks to remove pathogenic factors (wind, cold and damp) from your body. Cupping involves placing a pressurised cup along the body’s meridians to literally “suck” out these pathogenic factors.

In more modern times, cupping has proven valuable to improve circulation-related problems and in the creation of healthy energy flows around your body.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Traditional Chinese Medicine is widely used to improve your body’s health and well-being, and to stimulate your immune system, so as to prevent the occurrence of illness and disease.

Why not make an appointment for one of our preventative Traditional Chinese Medicine health checks with Doctor Siew Ling Huang?

After a thorough check-up, based on principles derived from 5,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine scholarship, Doctor Huang will advise you on your body’s condition, and on any necessary steps you should take to improve your body’s balance and harmony, and improve your health and fitness.