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Wushu literally means 'martial arts' and is the term for all fighting systems in China. Commonly known in the West as "Kung Fu" (a term meaning "good skill"), Wushu incorporates all the traditional and modern Chinese fighting arts.

The centre of Chinese self-defence teaching for over 2,000 years, Wushu is now recognised as a competitive sport by the International Olympic Committee.

Taichi for Life offers training in the full range of Wushu styles, including "internal" arts such as Ba Gua and Hsing Yi, through to a wide range of "external" arts such as the Long Fist of northern provinces and Shaolin Temple, and Southern Fist.

Additionally, our classes using the sword, cudgel, broadsword and spear (which are specifically designed to improve self-discipline) cover a wide variety of techniques and styles.

In a modern context, practising Wushu at Taichi for Life helps you improve your body-and-mind coordination, self-confidence and self-control.

Let Master Tang, or one of our fully trained and qualified instructors, guide you through your Wushu classes and help build your strength, flexibility, concentration and awareness.